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I didn't want to have to do this but after seeing some of the stage door pictures that I have uploaded for this fansite taken without permission and seeing myself and Liz edited off some pictures also without permission I have decided that it's for the best if I password protect these pictures.

I uploaded these pictures to share with people the lovely and varied characters off the Cats tour and encourage others to share their own experiences and although I understand that some members of the cast have now gained stronger followings after moves to the West End I still do not believe that that makes it acceptable for my pictures to be taken without permission.

I rarely, if at all, turn down a request to use my pictures and those of you who have approached me in the past I'm sure have found that I make little demand other than a short mention of either myself or preferably the site in association with the picture or pictures being used. I shall still allow people to request to use pictures and I shall still keep up the onstage, miscellaneous and headshots sections of the gallery however all the stage door folders will now be set to private.

Again I apologise and I did not want to have to do this but as these pictures are very special to me and serve as memories of some amazing times in the past few years of my life I would really rather they were not used without my knowledge and would certainly prefer for them not to be defiled/cropped without my permission.

Thank you to all of you who have previously asked my permission, I am extremely greatful for your consideration and I hope that this does not discourage others from asking if I have pictures of cast members which they would be able to use.



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Cats 25th Anniversary UK Tour Cast
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Cats 25th Anniversary UK Tour Cast

Alex Durrant - Bill Bailey
Amelie Munier - Swing
Barry Haywood - Swing
Callum Nicol - Admetus/Macavity
Carrie Sutton - Tantomile
Chris Howell - Bustopher/Asparagus
Dean Maynard - Munkustrap
Dianne Pilkington - Grizabella
Gary Watson - Rum Tum Tugger
Jean-Claude Pelletier - Swing
Jennifer Hepburn - Swing
John McManus - Skimbleshanks
Kevin McGuire - Carbucketty
Lauren Brooke - Cassandra
Lorraine Chappell - Bombalurina
Lorraine Graham - Jennyanydots
Louisa Barratt - Jemima
Louise Perez - Swing
Nick Pound - Old Deuteronomy
Peter Tyler - Alonzo
Phil Hogan - Swing
Philip Comley - Coricopat
Rachel Ensor - Victoria
Sarah Meade - Rumpleteazer
Tim Hodges - Swing
Trevor Schoonraad - Quaxo/Mistoffelees
Zak Nemorin - Mungojerrie
Zoë Curlett - Jellylorum
Zoë Smith - Demeter
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