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Phor Stuphage

Guys, stuffage!

I have to remind you first of all to vote pleese! On Lin's video post, it's vital that she has someone other than me's opinion on this, because, you see, I'm nuts! (And the bad spelling ees intended!)

I don't have an amazing amount to say about much, but in case any of you wanted to know, there's been no update on anyone (especially John). The tour is still touring, Pete (I think) has returned to school XD Gary, well, you can tell where he's gone! Kevin's FAME tour ends on 1st September but I can't really say more at this moment, I've been told to plug so I shall do. FAME is a very bright production, lots of colours and some great dancing. The lead male's not so hot on singing (disappointingly)

Sometime soon there'll be some pictures of Dianne Pilkington from the Wicked cast change (and some J-C too!)

Watch this space people! XxX Lizzie

Gary's workshop

Hey just read that Gary will be doing a workshop about Cats. Not really sure when, but I know it's in London and should be around the next two weeks... I am on vacation in Spain at the mo, but even if I wasn't I'm not sure I could go... I'd love to see how's a workshop... specially about Cats!!! Anyways, more info about it contact Anita on 01733 427781, or e-mail anita@tudanse.co.uk

If someone goes... remember to let us know how it is...

Be good, stay good :o)


Hey guys...I'm posting to apologise for um...what is frankly shirking my duties. I've failed to provide stage door reports for at least two shows now for so long that I can't remember so well what happened. I'm really, really sorry and I swear that next show I go to (Cats in September) I WILL provide reports for, even if I have to stop Deano mid sentence to take notes.

I thought I'd finally come out and apologise because I've been feeling guilty for months. So, once again, je suis desole, please forgive me? *Puss In Boots face*
I'm sorry!! hehe. Yeah, I am though coz I haven't been around and I should have been coz I promised you videos and I didn't bring many. BUT! I do have reasons. Call them excuses if you'd rather but you see, I'm in Seychelles for the summer (sounds posh, but it's only coz my dad works out here! ^_^). Now Secyhelles' internet speeds are...slow at best. So uploading anything would take at least half a day and on a bad day then it could take the whole day. Second reason, I've actually not got videos plural ready for uploading. I've got a hlaf made one. This is because I've been making a different video entirely recently as a present for Kevin for his birthday which I'm not intending to officially say is finished until the day I send it to him.

Now, despite this, I promise you I am working on a new video to the song You Get What You Give - New Radicals. It's going to be a sort of..."Half A Year After Cast Change Tribute" thing. If you can think of a better title PLEASE tell me! hehe.

Anyway, I need your help if I'm ever to get this vid done. Explanation? In the poll below...

Poll #1029520 cats_uk_tour06's next video

Should the video include out of character pictures or be only in-costume shots?

In character pictures only
In character pictures and offstage pictures
Offstage pictures only

Please vote coz the future of the vid depends on it! hehe And any comments you have are welcome too in relation to the video - I'm open to most suggestions!


Pete Update And New Pictures

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pete Tyler is in a show called The Kid Inside at the New End Theatre...so he's not a hologram after all! Although me and Liz were beginning to wonder if he was too good to be true!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Also, I've now added pictures to the photobucket of our West End trip to see Fame on June 16th and also some pictures from Fame's new (massive!) colour brochure!

No more shows for me until September 1st when I see the last matinee and evening performances of Fame with my other best friend Charlie (Liz in France sadly) and then Charlie will also be joining me and Liz on September 3rd when we go and see Cats again in Birmingham.

Posting issues should all be sorted now...hope no one's upste with me coz of the accident. If you couldn't post coz it saidyou weren't allowed, it should now allow you! Don't know what happened there....I somehow ended up as the only one with posting access!

Still working on the videos I mentioned last week. Made one but I don't think I'll upload it as I had to use some pictures that don't belong to me to make the "plot" of the video work..so sorry about that. I'll get to work on one I can actually post soon!

See yers!


Random Update-ey Thing

Heya guys,

Sorry that things have slowed down round here so much recently but me and Liz have both been really busy at school and, the simple fact of things is that the NAP16ers haven't actually been up to all that much that we haven't already told you about!

Just thought I'd let you know that because Liz is away in Wales, performance reports for Cats in Manchester and for Fame (Kevin McGuire, as I'm sure you know by now!) could well be delayed. I would do them myself...but I'm working on some new videos to show you all at the moment so I'm going to leave the performance reports strictly to Liz.

On another note; I hope none of you have had promblems posting. Somehow some people got accidentally blocked (Liz included) and I don't want any of you to think that I hate you or something!

That's it for now...possibly some videos and trip reports in the near future!

Malinda xx

Stage Door And A New Video

Last night, we went to Manchester to see Cats again! Needless to say, both the show and stage door were amazing. I'm hoping to upload the new pictures at some point when I have the chance. Liz is in charge of the performance/stage door report so that should appear some time next week I think.

I've also made a new video for your (hopeful) enjoyment! Song is Reach Out by Take That and the idea is the cast are reaching out to audiences to give them an amazing theatrical experience!


p.s. Massive love goes out to Ryan, Lorri, Schoony, Deano, Zoë C, Lauren, Zak and Al. One of the best Cats stage doors yet thanks to you guys!


Official Updates

So so so so sorry that I haven't updated in...ages. I've been busy at school and stuff. Um...updates updates...ok. Been to Fame and Sunshine on Leith to see John and Kevin in their new jobs, pictures of both trips now in the album. I think Liz is going to the actual trip reports...I haven't asked her yet so we'll see! Also, before our trips to see our guys, I made a video for them in their role as the best half of The In Crowd. (The In Crowd are still together, aren't they John! :P) That video is....here:

Updates on cast memebers' new jobs:

Nick Pound - doing something in Scotland...sorry..that was a bad one to open with!
Gary Watson - Les Miz in the West End
Heart-Throb Howell - teaching...Chris! You had to make it hard didn't you! :P
That's all the new ones...obviously I mentioned some before...like Carrie in Cabaret and stuff. Scroll down, it's on here somewhere! hehe. Anyway...there's obviously the guys that have stayed on, the new cast is up on the website now and Liz and me are off to see them again next week. We saw them once before...but they had only just started so we're giving them a second chance!

Ok...um...what else...ah! Video of Kevin in Fame here:

and there is also a video here: http://www.famewestend.co.uk/ in the 'Fun Stuff' section in which you can see the lovely Mr.McGuire as well...if you look hard enough! ><

and then here: http://www.proclaimers.co.uk/2003/sunshine_movie/index.html there is a video of the Sunshine On Leith rehearsals in which you can see John McManus jumping around in a red t-shirt. See if you can spot him...Liz did!

Malinda xx


More updates...

Well... it was a good idea that Lin updated us on what old NAP 2006 cast members are doing... so I thought I'd add something else too...


Gary Watson: doing Les Misèrables as Lin said, playing a major character (Marius) and he's supposed to start on the role on June 25th if I remember correctly...

Carrie Sutton & Amèlie Munier: both of them doing Cabaret!!! They have to be really brave as they have to take their clothes off!!!

Jean-Claude Pelletier: taking some time and doing gigs with his band, The Vinyl Stitches.

Sarah Meade: she's in Oslo, doing A Tribute to Dirty Dancing!!!!!!!!! She's one of the dancers/singers.

Dianne Pilkington: she's covering for whoever is doing Galinda in Wicked on her days off (sorry can't remember her name) and she'll start full time on July 16!

Alex Durrant, Louise Barratt, Lauren Brooke, Lorraine Chappell, Philip Comley, Zoë Curlett, Rachel Ensor, Barry Haywood, Dean Maynard, Zak Nemorin, Louise Perez, Trevor Schoonraad & Zoë Smith are still doing CATS, doing the same characters as before, except for Louise Perez who's now playing Tantomile and Philip Comley who's covering for Skimbleshanks when needed.

Guess that's all for now...

Ah, no I forgot...

Philip Comley has an official website! You can check it on www.philipcomley.com!

One more thing... saw CATS once again on May 5th... the new cast... quite impressive it was! Loved it! It was a wonderful day... a big nice surprise that my friend that used to work with them here in Portugal did for me!!! I will never forget it... Boy I wanna see it all over again...............

Ok, nighty-night peeps!

Hugs, kisses and cookies
- són


Jellicle Pyramid - Jellicle Songs
Cats 25th Anniversary UK Tour Cast
The Anniversary Cast MySpace

Cats 25th Anniversary UK Tour Cast

Alex Durrant - Bill Bailey
Amelie Munier - Swing
Barry Haywood - Swing
Callum Nicol - Admetus/Macavity
Carrie Sutton - Tantomile
Chris Howell - Bustopher/Asparagus
Dean Maynard - Munkustrap
Dianne Pilkington - Grizabella
Gary Watson - Rum Tum Tugger
Jean-Claude Pelletier - Swing
Jennifer Hepburn - Swing
John McManus - Skimbleshanks
Kevin McGuire - Carbucketty
Lauren Brooke - Cassandra
Lorraine Chappell - Bombalurina
Lorraine Graham - Jennyanydots
Louisa Barratt - Jemima
Louise Perez - Swing
Nick Pound - Old Deuteronomy
Peter Tyler - Alonzo
Phil Hogan - Swing
Philip Comley - Coricopat
Rachel Ensor - Victoria
Sarah Meade - Rumpleteazer
Tim Hodges - Swing
Trevor Schoonraad - Quaxo/Mistoffelees
Zak Nemorin - Mungojerrie
Zoë Curlett - Jellylorum
Zoë Smith - Demeter
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