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Long Time Without Updates...

Sorry yet again with the extremely long pause between updates for this site, but to be fair to Liz and myself our GCSEs are getting scarily close now!

As far as updates are concerned we have one or two up for grabs.

First of all, in February it was the Anniversary of the cast change and those of you who know about this place through youtube you may have already seen that I made a video to celebrate the day:

Also, updates on cast members.
Lorraine Chappell (Bombalurina) who actually stayed on before has now left the tour and is rehearsing for Gone With The Wind in the West End.
Zoe Curlett (Jellylorum) has also recently left as has Philip Comley (Coricopat) however we have yet to get news on them.
Meanwhile, Zak Nemorin who has remained with the cast for its entire run has been moved from playing Munojerrie to playing Skimbleshanks. A bit of a leap but I can tell you from first hand experience he plays the roll excellently and at times he even brings in a few of the move eccentric qualities which John McManus brought to the role...although at other times he is a bit of a Mungoshanks! But I think that's just bringing his own unique style to the role and can highly recommend him for anyone going to see the show before its run ends in May. Of I've said that he will have moved back to being Mungo but never mind eh! hehe

An update regarding someone who left last year, which should have been posted a while back but somehow never was: Christopher Howell (Bustopher/Asparagus) is in South Pacific...we're pretty sure he still is anyway. Not sure how much longer for though so if you want to see him you should probably get your skates on!

And finally for cast member updates, Kevin McGuire (Carbucketty) has finished in Footloose...quite some time ago now! And has joined a boyband. There aren't many details about it yet, but Kevin has asked me on more than one occasion to spread the word and he promises me I will be the first to know if anything big happens. The band is called ViCe. The site was previously up and running but has somewhat deteriorated since then and now just has a little teaser page thing, however for future reference the site is:

Now, lastly I would like to inform you of a new myspace page for the cast at:
I myself am not entirely sure who it is run by...however they have asked if they can use my videos and some of my pictures and I wasn't going to say no so we're now sort of...inter linked with said site! Enjoy!

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