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The current cast of Cats are making their way around Italy at the moment for the closing leg of the tour. The tour in the UK has officially been 'closed' however the cast have assured me that it won't be long til it tours again and have also hinted that a lot of familiar faces may crop up when it does!

In other news, John McManus is in The Buccaneer in London, Callum Nicol and Philip Comley are joining the company of the West End production of Grease, Gary Watson is soon to finish in Les Miz however Lorraine Graham is said to be joining as ensemble and Lorraine Chappell is leaving Gone With The Wind as it is closing early. I think I know some other details...but I've forgotten them. I'll let you know when I have news!

As for this community, I've given it a bit of a tidy up, sorted out the tags and tidied up the links section and put a cast list up in custom text for reference purposes I s'pose! hehe


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