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let the memories live again...

Cats 25th Anniversary UK Tour Cast
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For fans of Cats and for fans of the people behind the make-up
A community for fans of the UK tour production and cast of Cats the musical in 2006, UK based Cats fans and indeed any fans of Cats who just want to come and join in the fun!

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There aren't many rules but please could we all try and follow them?

1. No one must say anything offensive or hurtful to others or about others' opions. Anyone deemed to be violating this rule by referring to a performer or fellow community member in a manner which is thought by the moderator to be inappropriate or disrespectful will have their comment and/or post deleted or modified.

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2. Anonymous posts are encouraged but it would be really nice if all anonymous commenters could leave a name so as not to confuse the mod!

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3. This is a community for UK Cats fans and also for casts and stage dooring so anything to do with Cats or casts from around the world is welcome.

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4. There is a Cats UK Tour 2006 Discussion Thread where people can talk about favourite cast memebers and moments from the UK tour and such but any news about cast memebers should also be posted to the main community as well.

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5. Not a rule as such, but still on here anyway. To contact the mod then send an email to me here: jelliclerose@msn.com.

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6. Again, not a rule. But you are invited to use any of our promo banners just to help us boost our members. They can be found in the "Promo Banners" section of our "Cast Photo Album" which is on the links list to the right of the community. Or you could save them to your own server from here where all seven are displayed for you!

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This community should (with luck) have fanfics, pics, icons, tour dates and tour cast info but to have any of that stuff it needs members. So join, please?!

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The Cats 25th Anniversary UK Tour Cast

With love from your moderator Lin jelliclerose.

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